Thursday, December 1, 2016

Google Earth Free - Google Earth App Software

Google Earth is a totally free app software that i use to see satellite view of my house in combination of google earth street view mode to explore street view of my house and of course houses or buildings on the entire earth, Google earth app puts the entire world's geographic information at your fingertips. and displays a virtual earth that shows multiple mapping based on satellite imagery. It's so easy to use, it uses mostly dragging your mouse to navigate to North to South or the scroll button to zoom in and out from sky to the street level and more easy is to just type any direction on the search box.

satellite images of earth
Google Earth
Google earth free can be use as world atlas, digital encyclopedia, driving directions or flight simulator. A global satellite which shows streets of the world, towns, cities and terrain in relief with three dimensional high resolution satellite imagery associated with related information, while house structures or buildings can be seen also in 3d.

Google Earth App will fly or travel with you anywhere in the world through a virtual earth and view the entire world showing high resolution satellite images.

satellite imagery

Google Earth App can be use to look up local information and plan trips, exploring multimedia content and share information about your trips. You can use Google Earth App to find hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, etc.. 

With Google Earth Free you can enjoy a more realistic view of the planet earth, explore the entire world, fly to your neighborhood , search for businesses, navigate your route on street level from the starting point to final destination just like a car GPS.
Here are some ideas for using Google Earth App

Find house in Google Earth App, with your mouse or just type house directions in the search box, it will fly directly showing amazing satellite view of houses.

Travel the world, just press the play button on the left panel of Google Earth App.

Explore and Discover Earth : fly to anywhere in the world, get information on cities and geographical features , find local businesses and plan your travels.

Explore the sky : enjoy the wonders of the sky and get information about the solar system .

Diving in the Ocean : Dive beneath the sea, visit the ocean depths, explore the world 's deepest ocean trenches . Learn about ocean observations , climate change and endangered species. Find new places to surf, for diving and fishing .

Play the flight simulator included inside Google Earth Free or simply explore amazing earth satellite imagery.

Save and print aerial photography of any location you are looking for. Google Earth Free can offers you high resolution images.

Google Earth Free

Below is a presentation on how to use Google Earth App to see a satellite view of my house

Street View Of My House

Finding street view of my house in google earth is an endless entertainment, you may interest to find satellite view of house of your favorite actors or actress or any famous people.

Google Earth Live - in the future

A US firm Skybox Imaging, sold to Google last year, is also in progress of building a constellation of video cameras in space.

A years back, it come to online news about some researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology that have been experimenting with using 3D Google Earth vision to add the scenery and live video to create a Google earth live technology. By merging video, adding actual occasions generated scenes as well as other kinds of visual media is a form of technology known as augmented reality. The researches come in the method of presenting a work that is new, but have released a video revealing a few of the results. Adding folks walking in the Google earth live scenery, football teams at play, and transferring traffic is a fairly impressive thing to observe. In the video, they reveal how they take multiple views to create transferring 3D renderings which are combined with Google earth live 3D scenes.

                                                 Google Earth Live -  augmented earth

Though this was long ago, is still the results of academic research, but it illustrates some potential future visualizations we're likely to see as Google earth live in the future.

 Earth Live from space

Though seeing live earth from space is also posible and that is what Urthecast offers to client when it sent a set of cameras developed with a Canadian firm for the International Space Station therefore over the course of a spacewalk by two Russian astronauts.

Urthecast Demo

Astronauts Oleg Kotov and Sergey Ryazanskiy successfully installed cameras for Earth observations, a job demanding multiple power connections outside the space station.

The organization's second effort is marked by the attempts at setting the High Definition cameras with lenses into space. UrtheCast attempted to have the cameras set up on the space station.

NASA is also offering streaming live views of Earth from space recorded by four commercial high-definition video cameras that have been installed on the outside of the International Space Station. The project, called the High Definition World Viewing (HDEV) experiment, plans to examine how cameras perform in the space environment. It's possible for you to view live earth in High Definition from space.

Google Earth Street View 

Google Earth Street View is a characteristic of Google Earth App  Software that empowers users to see and browse through 290 degree perpendicular panoramic road level pictures and 360 degree horizontal of various cities all over the world. The Google Earth Street View attribute may be used to take virtual walks, research landmarks or locate eateries, stores and resorts.

Google earth street view is a fun tool which can be utilized to walk down your street, to take a look at your property, have a look at various cities as well as take a virtual holiday.

Some more uses of  Google Earth Street View

Take a look at your destination.

Occasionally the address isn't enough to locate your objective, particularly if you're headed into a shop or a busy shopping center, Google earth street view will show you exactly the right way.

Search for landmarks.

Google earth street view will find landmarks that will help you get there along with finding a great look in the exact place of your objective. Before you drive in the vehicle, check it out. Learn what fast food restaurants or buildings are not far by which will allow you to know you're developing on the junction.

Take a look at resort or a restaurant

With google earth street view, You can check out the way far it's away from your beach, amusement park, etc., and what's nearby, if there is any great shopping places

Take a look at area and a house from a property listing

Searching for or selling your house? Google earth street view provides you with an unbiased look in your house, plus it'll allow you to check out the whole area.

Try to find parking that is great

Whether you headed to visit a band play in a club or are heading out to eat, parking will often be an issue. Every city has places that just do not have parking that is great. With Google Street View, it is possible to scope out the region and search for assuring places which may supply parking that is great.

Take a look at youth residence and your old hangouts.

All of us get homesick occasionally. I could still recall returning to my old area to get the field behind our house was turned right into a residential development that is tremendous. But, you do not have to drive out all the way . You may get homesick in the comfort of your house in the event the region is covered by Street View.

Take a look at a place for drawing or a painting

Whether you need to draw a casino or by checking out a downtown place, you would like to get some good inspiration, Google earth street view will help you to draw by finding the perfect landscape.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

GEFS Flight Simulator Online

GEFS is a totally free, online flight simulator based upon worldwide aerial images. Whether or not you're an authorized pilot training VFR, an aviators fanatic or simply hunting for some fun flying a good aircraft within fabulous sceneries, you will have fun with GEFS immediately, straight from your online internet browser.

    developed on CesiumJS: globally photo-realistic landscapes
    WebGL renderer: not any plugin, functions everywhere (Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile)
    simulate fixed wing airplanes, heli-copter, paraglider and also heated air balloon
    works with joystick control
    realistic airline flight design (lifting-line theory)
    live weather conditions, dynamic wind lift
    multiplayer: take flight and talk with other aviators around the world
    more than 30,000 runways along with worldwide airspace map

GEFS Specifications:
To use this flight simulator, you will require a WebGL compatible internet browser.
For audio to become enabled, the Flash player has to be installed too, however, you should have already got it.
Lastly, if you would like play by using a joystick, you will require a GamePad API compliant browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.).

Ways to handle the GEFS flight simulator
Selection bar
The selection bar, in the bottom on the game display screen, is an essential way for you to connect to the flight simulator:

    The 1st 3 yellow button are used to select your airplane, position and camera setting.
    The "options" button starts the settings window: apply it to get your pilot call-sign, set up controls, weather selections, etc.
    The "pause", "mute" and "reset" buttons correspondingly stop the game, silence the sound or reset your airline flight towards the final state.
    The "talk" button displays an input field to type a conversation message.
Computer keyboard:

    Arrows up & down: tilt the airplanes
    Arrow left & right: roll the airplanes (combined with yaw automatically but could be tweaked)
    <Enter> to re-center computer keyboard control input
    < & >: steer the airplanes (Yaw) (only efficient while roll/yaw blending is disabled)
    + & - (or PgUp & PgDn): Maximize or minimize accelerator
    [: reduced the flaps 1 stage (when available)
    ]: elevate flaps 1 step (when available)
    Home/End: increase/decrease elevator trim
    <Delete>: Reset elevator trim
    G: increase or decrease the landing gear (when available)
    B: extend/retract air-brakes (when available)
    E: start/stop engine
    <Space bar>: brakes
    <;>: Engage/Disengage parking brake system
    You may calibrate the keyboard level of sensitivity in the "option" panel.


    0 to 9: Immediately set throttle by 10% steps
    A: Toggle autopilot
    C: cycle camera function
    N: open up routing panel (map)
    O: start option screen
    <Tab>: take flight to camera position (in free camera mode)
    P: Stop the simulation
    S: mute/un-mute audio
    K: set adjustments mode to "Keyboard"
    M: set adjustments mode to "Mouse"
    J: set adjustments mode to "Joystick"
    T: to begin writing a chat message
    H: to hide/show the HUD (indicators)

Computer mouse button:

    Mouse will act as a Joystick
    push/pull for tilt
    left/right for rotate (combined with yaw by default but could be set up)
    You may set up the mouse (level of sensitivity, exponential) in the "option" panel.
    All the other keyboard settings (aside from arrows) are identical

Note: see how to enable the joystick.

    Joystick axis and key are by placed automatically
    If accessible, yaw is placed on twist axis
    You may reconfigure every single axis and control keys in the joystick in the "option" panel.
    All other keyboard controls are the same.

Garmin Nuvi 255w

 Garmin Nuvi 255w

Garmin Nuvi 255w

Using the 4.3" widescreen display, this specific Garmin Nuvi 255w 4.3" GPS DEVICE will be your private journey helper for a lifetime while traveling. It comes all set to go with pre installed City Navigator NT road maps of the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico which offer over six million landmarks (POIs), such as hotels, restaurants, fuel, ATMs and more.

The Garmin Nuvi 255w GPS system also tells the name of exits and streets so that you do not have to consider your sight off the highway. Simply touch the color screen to enter a desired destination, and your Garmin nuvi portable GPS navigator provides turn-by-turn speech directions, 2-D or 3-D road maps and smooth map upgrades while you navigate. Additionally, the Garmin Nuvi 255w 4.3" GPS allows customized POIs, like school areas and security cameras.
Garmin nuvi 255W Transportable GPS NAVIGATION:
3.81" x 2.25" color LCD touchscreen display, 480 x 272 pixels
    The Garmin nuvi 4.3" GPS DEVICE provides a clear graphic within your selection of a 3d routing view or "bird's eye" over head view
Pre-installed City Navigator NT road maps for U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico
    Supplies specific street data and customized destinations can be inserted
Selection of route set up by time or distance
    Garmin nuvi 4.3 transportable GPS navigator provides step by step guidance on how to reach your desired destination
Voice-prompted directions
    Provides clear directions with the inside speaker, like "Turn right within 400 feet."
Internal memory and SD card slot
    The Garmin nuvi 255W Transportable GPS gives handy built-in memory to store pre-programmed maps and will also understand data coming from different SD memory cards
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery power
    Can last up to four hours before re charging

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Google Earth Street View , walk in the street using Google Earth

Google Earth Street View is a function of Google Earth as just like in Google Maps enabling you to view roads from across the planet.

google earth street view

Google earth street view lets you explore the entire world in your own style. You may use Google earth street view in a variety of ways, to discover out places, to get touring tips, to learn about destinations, or to identify some spot. It is quick and easy, it doesn't cost anything. In addition, you can easily see all that which is just not possible with bare eye.

Google Earth Street View is a fantastic map software, It offers you an accessibility to link the entire world. Streets or locations can be searched easily within minutes. You can save pictures of your interested places. Using Google Earth - Street View when conducting surveys is an excellent ideas. Often, when conducting surveys, it's tough to go to every location, therefore it is really suitable to make use of Google Earth - Street View. It's a quite impressive instrument to examine and view various maps, where it is possible to see terrain, visitors flow, home etc.

Google Earth Street View reveals images shot from numerous specially tailored vehicles. Where potential, street map images appear after zooming from over the sky, as well as by pulling a "Pegman found in the top right of the display" someplace within the town on the map.

Google earth Street view has turned into among the smartest virtual world travel entertainment for pc users now. Seeing the Great Wall of China, for instance, can offer you a true awareness of its own size. Just the fact that it's possible to see it entirely from space and its particular size.

Google Earth Street View is a digital mapping software with amazing technology today and has the ability to determine a street view of every important city in the world. Google earth street view or Google Maps street view enables one to choose a digital tour of it and go to just about any town in the map. The pictures employed for street view way have now been shot from a huge selection of auto mounted cameras all over the entire world that work each day to make the street view way as updated as possible. While your seeking, you'll find some fascinating images that are funny and curious.

Download Google Earth with Street View

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Google Earth V.7 installer

Feel the power of Google Earth, Search the world 's geographic information at your fingertips. Fly from space to your neighborhood. Type an address and zoom right in. Search for schools, parks, restaurants and hotels. Drive . Tilt and rotate the view to see 3D terrain and buildings. Save and share your searches and favorites.

Googleearth 7

Google Earth 7 Updates
-New 3D imagery in 25 cities
-explore over 11,000 site tour guide

Google Earth 7 is loaded with great features. Google Earth V7 new “3D Imagery” is available on desktop, the imagery looks stunning when viewed from above.

Fly and travel around the globe without leaving your home.
Add your own annotations . Google Earth lets you do fly byes sail across the Earth . You can fly to any spot on the globe , by entering any street addresses , place names or lat / long coordinates.

Google earth 7.1 Features

Google earth contains many functions, which are detailed below:

-Flight simulator
-Two accessible plane (Cirrus SR-22 and F-16 Fighting Falcon)
-Street View mode available
-Explore 3D buildings
-Option 'Fly' that allows you to write the specific address you want to search
-Modify your search by layers
-The ruler tool to attract routes or know the precise distance between two points

Before installing Google earth, you may want to check on first that you meet these minimum specifications:


Windows XP or higher: Operating Systems
Model: Pentium 3 500 MHz
Memory: 512MB
Graphics Card: DirectX9 and capable of reproducing 3D pictures with 64MB of VRAM
Drive Space: 500 MB
Screen resolution: 1024x768 High Color 16-bit resolution


Android 2.1 Eclair or higher: Operating Systems
Supported Display Resolution: 320x480 or higher
SD Memory Card: 211MB minimum
System Memory: 35MB minimum

Installer Google Earth V.7

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Live views of Earth from 240 miles above

google earth live

See live views of Earth from 240 miles above, thanks to two newly installed cameras in the International Space Station and to Canadian company UrtheCast, which is providing the cameras.

Sergey Ryazanskiy and Russian cosmonauts Oleg Kotov on beginning of 2014 embarked on a seven hour spacewalk to put in both cameras, which is housed on the outside of the International Space Station.

One camera is a fixed that can take a constant video panorama of Earth 50 kilometres wide as the space station orbits Earth.

The other is going to be a pointable camera that clients will have the ability to use to consider a certain spot on Earth for a fee.

The cameras was attached to the lower of the International Space Station. Earth will be captured live and photographed by the cameras as the ISS orbits the planet and send down those pictures into a private company which will make all of those files publicly available. The high resolution 4K camera can be aimed at particular targets, while the medium resolution camera will be a given view of whatever is below the space station.

Two HD camcorders that will make it possible for visitors to view the earth live for the first time in the World. The camerass will be able to view a sizable group of the Earth involving the latitudes of 51 degrees north and 51 levels south. A lot of the imagery is going to be available free to the public. Anyone will be able to punch in their own address on the website to see when the camera will next be passing overhead. National Aeronautics and Space Administration already supplies a service which permits people to realize when the space station can be viewed by them from their location.

Need to find out what your house looks like from the International Space Station on any specified day? A Vancouver-based company will shortly be offering the public a great opportunity to get that see.

The cameras are a part of a commercial attempt with Canadian firm UrtheCast, that may supply the essential imagery free of charge to anyone having an web connection. The firm is going to point the high resolution camera at your requested objective to get an unspecified payment.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Save the Earth Tips

We're responsible of destroying our forests mountains and polluting our oceans…however now could be the time to swear and commit ourselves absolutely in defending the Earth earlier than it is too late. We should commit our help and actions to save the Earth. We should provoke actions that may save and restore our surroundings. We should attempt exhausting to be the rightful caretakers of the Earth.

5 easy issues we are able to do to Save the Earth:

1.       Assist inexperienced applied sciences. Inexperienced applied sciences or environmental improvements are useful in mitigating additional results of worldwide warming. Instance of inexperienced know-how is the Biosphere Know-how, which effectively destroys and converts strong wastes into inexperienced vitality.

2.       Mitigate our carbon footprints by saving power. It's for a indisputable fact that fossil fuels contribute to the growing quantity of greenhouse gases within the ambiance which causes international warming. In our personal methods we may reduce the world's dependence on fossil fuels by altering the way in which we stay. For instance we may change to cleaner power sources or follow vitality conservation at dwelling.

3. Recycle and patronize recycled merchandise. Recycle all the pieces attainable and use recycled supplies as a substitute of shopping for new merchandise. Recycling can also be a good way of saving power.

4. Respect the forests and plant extra bushes. Other than mitigating our carbon footprints, planting timber can enormously assist in lowering the prevailing temperature of the earth's floor as a result of bushes can take in greenhouse gases.

5. Assist in cleansing the atmosphere. Be the primary to wash the environment by beginning it on our personal environment. Dispose our rubbish in correct locations and may keep away from polluting the environment. We are able to additionally take part in clean-up drive actions of our neighborhood.
There are a variety of methods really so as to share the accountability of defending our Mom Earth.  We simply have to comprehend that we aren't her enemies however her warriors…her caretakers.