Thursday, October 1, 2015

Live views of Earth from 240 miles above

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See live views of Earth from 240 miles above, thanks to two newly installed cameras in the International Space Station and to Canadian company UrtheCast, which is providing the cameras.

Sergey Ryazanskiy and Russian cosmonauts Oleg Kotov on beginning of 2014 embarked on a seven hour spacewalk to put in both cameras, which is housed on the outside of the International Space Station.

One camera is a fixed that can take a constant video panorama of Earth 50 kilometres wide as the space station orbits Earth.

The other is going to be a pointable camera that clients will have the ability to use to consider a certain spot on Earth for a fee.

The cameras was attached to the lower of the International Space Station. Earth will be captured live and photographed by the cameras as the ISS orbits the planet and send down those pictures into a private company which will make all of those files publicly available. The high resolution 4K camera can be aimed at particular targets, while the medium resolution camera will be a given view of whatever is below the space station.

Two HD camcorders that will make it possible for visitors to view the earth live for the first time in the World. The camerass will be able to view a sizable group of the Earth involving the latitudes of 51 degrees north and 51 levels south. A lot of the imagery is going to be available free to the public. Anyone will be able to punch in their own address on the website to see when the camera will next be passing overhead. National Aeronautics and Space Administration already supplies a service which permits people to realize when the space station can be viewed by them from their location.

Need to find out what your house looks like from the International Space Station on any specified day? A Vancouver-based company will shortly be offering the public a great opportunity to get that see.

The cameras are a part of a commercial attempt with Canadian firm UrtheCast, that may supply the essential imagery free of charge to anyone having an web connection. The firm is going to point the high resolution camera at your requested objective to get an unspecified payment.