Sunday, July 6, 2014

Google Earth Pro Free

Google Earth Pro now free offers powerful features for companies as well as for commercial utilization. While the pro and free version are the same in images and aspect , they could be recognized by their names .

google earth pro

Google Earth Pro For industrial and specialist uses, Google Earth Pro is the instrument of study, presentations and much more sophisticated cooperation for geographical info. The Professional variant in things you need, if you are using Google Earth for company purposes. Google Earth Professional contains:

- Import of information (which enables you to process till 2,500 places by address or latitude and longitude) .

- The large printing and storage (permitting bigger and clearer prints as much as 4800 pixels).

- Movie-Maker (which enables you to export large images ) .

- Importer of GIS information (which enables you to drag and lose SHP , GeoTiffs , and so on files.) .

- Print Premium (which lets you print high resolution pictures around A3 dimensions , or 4,800 pixels).

- customer service via chat or e-mail .

Google Earth Free Version

Google Earth Professional differs from the "free" version in several respects , including permitting you to see GPS info from GPS devices or using files. GPX or . LOC , contains characteristics that " Draw Trail" and Polygon " and permits " geocoding " of  location, importing a CSV.

 The free version of Google earth, meant for own personal use, non commercial use, supplies an interactional 3D exploration of the world to you through terabytes of satellite and aerial images. Can zoom into particular places , structures and terrain observed in 3-D or locate resorts or eateries along with tons of other information layers draws.

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