Saturday, July 12, 2014

Android L - Android's future with a new design

Android L introduces a brand new layout scheme which adds even more high fidelity and uniqueness to its newest technology, more minimal appearance to Android like text message or a phone call. Other improvements include smarter battery use, and a brand new method to unlock your apparatus.

Android L

For now, Android L can be obtained to the public and programmers, so long as you've got the 2013 version Nexus 7 tablet pc or a Nexus 5 telephone. Should you select to experiment with Android L, keep in mind it is only a preview of what is next rather than the final variant. So that as always, stay tuned for the most recent updates.

Android Auto voice control with simple nav,

Android users can anticipate a simple, simple navigation encounter. Other characteristics include messaging and music playback, with a possibility for many more programs to come from third party programmers.

Instead, it uses the telephone and the LCD and controls of the automobile. To incorporate with the automobile, a motorist must stop up an Android telephone directly into the USB port of the automobile, and match it.

Most of the attributes will be commanded with voice command processing done by your telephone, through Google Voice. Instead of an icon-based interface Android Auto relies of what it considers important information on panels. You can find icons at the end of the display, yet, operating to telephone, navigation, and sound.

Google satnav

Android Auto's most successful attribute seems to be navigation.

Directions and the maps, received by the Android telephone and computed in the cloud, showed on the LCD of the automobile.

Among the most striking facets is the demonstrator didn't want to say a street address. This attribute also needs to function nicely with contacts saved in a telephone with related addresses, allowing you to say "browse to bob's house" as readily as you now can say "call bob" to start a phone call in an automobile. Clearly, this attribute will need Google to really find a way have a right street address linked, and to locate the areas you ask for.

As with Google Maps that is present, Android Auto will have the ability to reveal traffic advice.