Wednesday, February 24, 2016

GEFS Flight Simulator Online

GEFS is a totally free, online flight simulator based upon worldwide aerial images. Whether or not you're an authorized pilot training VFR, an aviators fanatic or simply hunting for some fun flying a good aircraft within fabulous sceneries, you will have fun with GEFS immediately, straight from your online internet browser.

    developed on CesiumJS: globally photo-realistic landscapes
    WebGL renderer: not any plugin, functions everywhere (Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile)
    simulate fixed wing airplanes, heli-copter, paraglider and also heated air balloon
    works with joystick control
    realistic airline flight design (lifting-line theory)
    live weather conditions, dynamic wind lift
    multiplayer: take flight and talk with other aviators around the world
    more than 30,000 runways along with worldwide airspace map

GEFS Specifications:
To use this flight simulator, you will require a WebGL compatible internet browser.
For audio to become enabled, the Flash player has to be installed too, however, you should have already got it.
Lastly, if you would like play by using a joystick, you will require a GamePad API compliant browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.).

Ways to handle the GEFS flight simulator
Selection bar
The selection bar, in the bottom on the game display screen, is an essential way for you to connect to the flight simulator:

    The 1st 3 yellow button are used to select your airplane, position and camera setting.
    The "options" button starts the settings window: apply it to get your pilot call-sign, set up controls, weather selections, etc.
    The "pause", "mute" and "reset" buttons correspondingly stop the game, silence the sound or reset your airline flight towards the final state.
    The "talk" button displays an input field to type a conversation message.
Computer keyboard:

    Arrows up & down: tilt the airplanes
    Arrow left & right: roll the airplanes (combined with yaw automatically but could be tweaked)
    <Enter> to re-center computer keyboard control input
    < & >: steer the airplanes (Yaw) (only efficient while roll/yaw blending is disabled)
    + & - (or PgUp & PgDn): Maximize or minimize accelerator
    [: reduced the flaps 1 stage (when available)
    ]: elevate flaps 1 step (when available)
    Home/End: increase/decrease elevator trim
    <Delete>: Reset elevator trim
    G: increase or decrease the landing gear (when available)
    B: extend/retract air-brakes (when available)
    E: start/stop engine
    <Space bar>: brakes
    <;>: Engage/Disengage parking brake system
    You may calibrate the keyboard level of sensitivity in the "option" panel.


    0 to 9: Immediately set throttle by 10% steps
    A: Toggle autopilot
    C: cycle camera function
    N: open up routing panel (map)
    O: start option screen
    <Tab>: take flight to camera position (in free camera mode)
    P: Stop the simulation
    S: mute/un-mute audio
    K: set adjustments mode to "Keyboard"
    M: set adjustments mode to "Mouse"
    J: set adjustments mode to "Joystick"
    T: to begin writing a chat message
    H: to hide/show the HUD (indicators)

Computer mouse button:

    Mouse will act as a Joystick
    push/pull for tilt
    left/right for rotate (combined with yaw by default but could be set up)
    You may set up the mouse (level of sensitivity, exponential) in the "option" panel.
    All the other keyboard settings (aside from arrows) are identical

Note: see how to enable the joystick.

    Joystick axis and key are by placed automatically
    If accessible, yaw is placed on twist axis
    You may reconfigure every single axis and control keys in the joystick in the "option" panel.
    All other keyboard controls are the same.

Garmin Nuvi 255w

 Garmin Nuvi 255w

Garmin Nuvi 255w

Using the 4.3" widescreen display, this specific Garmin Nuvi 255w 4.3" GPS DEVICE will be your private journey helper for a lifetime while traveling. It comes all set to go with pre installed City Navigator NT road maps of the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico which offer over six million landmarks (POIs), such as hotels, restaurants, fuel, ATMs and more.

The Garmin Nuvi 255w GPS system also tells the name of exits and streets so that you do not have to consider your sight off the highway. Simply touch the color screen to enter a desired destination, and your Garmin nuvi portable GPS navigator provides turn-by-turn speech directions, 2-D or 3-D road maps and smooth map upgrades while you navigate. Additionally, the Garmin Nuvi 255w 4.3" GPS allows customized POIs, like school areas and security cameras.
Garmin nuvi 255W Transportable GPS NAVIGATION:
3.81" x 2.25" color LCD touchscreen display, 480 x 272 pixels
    The Garmin nuvi 4.3" GPS DEVICE provides a clear graphic within your selection of a 3d routing view or "bird's eye" over head view
Pre-installed City Navigator NT road maps for U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico
    Supplies specific street data and customized destinations can be inserted
Selection of route set up by time or distance
    Garmin nuvi 4.3 transportable GPS navigator provides step by step guidance on how to reach your desired destination
Voice-prompted directions
    Provides clear directions with the inside speaker, like "Turn right within 400 feet."
Internal memory and SD card slot
    The Garmin nuvi 255W Transportable GPS gives handy built-in memory to store pre-programmed maps and will also understand data coming from different SD memory cards
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery power
    Can last up to four hours before re charging